My name is Galina Gisca and i’m 26 years old. I was born in Chisinau, Moldova and I moved to Amsterdam in 2009 for my studies at the Gerrit Rietveld Academie. The following years I was freelancing as an illustrator, working on diverse projects, artist collaborations and my work got published in different magazines.I picked up tattooing 3 years ago and at the momement I’m working as an illustrator and tattoo artist.
In 2013- 2014 I took a course in Production Design at the Nederlandse Film Academie, where I got introduced to a body of disciplines that allowed me to apply my drawing skills and aesthetics into different mediums. I learned to come up with a production designs concepts, developing the concepts into workable ideas and getting involved in all the stages of the art department, including decor, locations, props, clothing, building sets and doing set dressing. During this year I got to work on every aspect of film: the artistic, theoretical and technical aspects, as well as the social side of the story. Part of the process included searching the time period, atmosphere, characters and come up with a design that has a place for everything: light, style, color, form, space.
However,  i’m looking forward into reorentating myself towards Interactive/Game Art Animation and I would love the opportunity to get involved in the industry. Through practical excercises and assignments I’d like gain
fundamental knowledge in 3d modelling, visual effects and learn skills that can never be realised in traditional animation.  In this medium, motion, light, colour, character, perspective,programming and other narration elements are under direct control of the artist which gives  the ability to develop interactive animation in a way he wants.
Im very passionate and motivated to start a new chapter of my 3D artist development.